About Us

About us

As a family run business, we value honesty, time, attention to detail and understanding of each other and our client’s needs. We believe our customers are our family and every placed order we approach with care and love.

Like the birds Oriole, so is our birthplace and our name, which closely matches our personalities. We pride ourselves and our designs to be elegant, simple, beautiful, down to earth, hardworking but with a cherry on the top, in the same way that Oriole can be characterised. Our creations vibrate with positivity the same way the bird’s songs resemble the magical sounds of a flute.

Why us?

Oriole in Latvian translates to Vālodze, which is also where we are located and has a deep and rooted meaning of being connected with one another. At Oriole we try to be as inventive and creative as possible, experimenting with wooden products, engravings and ideas, in order to fulfil your unique wishes. Similarly, to the origins and tales of Oriole in Latin we also add a dash of gold and positive thoughts with every creation.

We hope you’ll love our products as much as we love making them and they will bring you positivity, luck and a smile on the face. We wish you a wonderful day!

The Oriole family

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