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Our story

With a focus on the most minuscule of details and the synthesis of modern technologies and deep-rooted craftsmanship, the company produces personalized wooden products, that, depending on the client’s preferences and the occasion, can be aesthetically suited to a wide array of themes.

Why Oriole.Design?

It’s not just a coincidence that the name of our company includes the word Oriole. The little bird leads a solitary and silent lifestyle, despite being active and laborious throughout the year. The only indication of its presence – a rare yet beautifully vibrant song, reminiscent of a sound made by the flute. The peculiar lifestyle of this little bird also coincides with the work philosophy of Oriole.Design. Working from its native village “Vālodzes” in Latvia (Latvian for “Oriole”) and fulfilling the customer’s creative vision with the help of a small, yet efficiently organized team, the company has always preferred its superb product quality to speak on their behalf.

Why You Should Use Us

Our products are made to be of the highest quality. We pay utmost attention to the details when making each new item. All of our products are made with love and dedication. We enjoy working with wood, and we know how to satisfy our customer. Our clients are always happy with both the service and the product.

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Add a perfect and elegant touch  to your upcoming Wedding or any other special occasion with items made by OrioleDesign!


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