7 Items You Need for a Truly Special Wedding

Barns, patio lights, tastefully decorated photo corners – the modern wedding day really looks like something from a beautiful lookbook, eye-pleasing and ready for the Pinterest mood board. However, there’s much more to it than a retro-styled interior and some vintage filters on your photos. We have picked seven items that will help you to have a truly special wedding. Prepare for wedding memories that are nothing short of a real fairytale!


One of a Kind Reception Table Decor

Wedding reception table is what makes the first impression, and the first impression, as we all know it, matters a lot. Quite often reception table is decorated with the traditional wedding motives. Figures of white doves, canvas prints with photos of the lucky couple – items like these, although undeniably appealing, can sometimes feel too tacky or overused.

Wooden heart décor, on the other hand, stands out as an authentic, instantly noticeable piece. Carved with incredible accuracy, it’s a real work of art that makes any other decor pale in comparison. If you prefer authenticity, personalized heart decor will be the right item for you! You can order wooden table heart decor here or on Etsy.


A Very Special Set of Table Numbers

Table numbers can often cause a real confusion if they’re executed in a sub-par manner. Apart from looking too casual, a simple folded sheet can also be easily overlooked which can lead to a lot of awkward situations.

In contrast, the special wood carved numbers will make each table set will feel like a specially prepared VIP zone. Meanwhile, the impressive height (20 mm) will assure that every guest can spot their table from a distance. The birch wood table numbers look gorgeous and will add that special rustic flair you’re looking for! You can order table numbers here or on Etsy.


From Wardrobe to the Altar – Everything’s According to the Theme

We believe that the wedding atmosphere should be conveyed by every accessory and item present on the day. That also includes the backstage part. Personalized clothes hangers are a novel way of wedding decoration, bringing some of that special spirit into the wardrobe. With special hangers for both bride and groom, you can create a perfect setting for beautiful wedding video edits and social media photos!


Disposable Camera

If you’re following the latest tendencies, you’ve probably noticed this strange yet super exciting trend. Instead of hiring a professional cameraman, couples are making things more exciting by turning every guest into a wedding photographer.  Just place a couple of disposable cameras on the reception table and invite people to put them to good use.

This way the whole experience becomes way more enjoyable for the guests while the resulting photos cover the celebration from every possible angle. You can easily find special, wedding-themed disposable camera bundles for wallet-friendly prices on sites like Amazon and eBay.


Custom-Made, Heart-Shaped Invitiations

Getting back to authenticity and rustic charms, heart-shaped wooden magnets are an amazing alternative to the regular wedding invitations! Instead of picking regular invitation designs from your local event agency, try out something that will have a real impression on your guests!

We’re talking about an invitation that’s made from American luxury oak and bears the initials of the couple. By picking this option, you open a room for a lot of creative solutions. For example, you can set up a magnetic board next to the reception table. The guests could attach their heart to it upon arrival and take it back once the celebration is over! You can order heart-shaped invitations here or on Etsy


Tiny Details with Huge Significance

When it comes to organizing rustic wedding, it’s really about small details that make up the big picture. With this in mind, we arrive at wedding favours. Now there’s really little sense in describing one particular design, as there are so many wonderful DIY solutions found around the web.

Whether those are tiny bottles of home-made spirits decorated and DIY labels, beautifully packed fixings or custom-made bags with coffee beans in them, well-considered wedding favours are a sign of good things to come!


More Wedding Favours

Speaking of tiny details that can bring joy to the hearts of your guests, custom-made wooden napkin rings is another simple way to make the wedding table look more exciting and appealing. Covered with special oil and bearing unique engravings, napkin rings can be used as an alternative to regular table placeholders. Thanks to their beautiful appearance, these tiny charms can also be used as wedding favours from the best quality oak natural wood!  Keep in mind that they will remind your dear friends of the beautiful evening for years to come! We can offer 3 types of napkin rings: triangle, square and heart. You can order wooden napkin rings here or on Etsy.

Got your creative juices flowing? Thinking of trying out some of the ways to make your wedding more memorable? Make sure to check Oriole Design Etsy page to discover a multitude of solutions for your wedding decorations! Each item is a true labour of love – a tailor-made, hand-crafted piece that radiates tradition and authenticity!

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